Retirement and investment

There was a man sending an article in a local newspaper in my hometown. He had already retired from his job as a civil servant. After retired, he lost fifty percent of his salary. He tried to do some business but he failed and lost some money. He realized that he was late to start a business at this time. He has been old and do not have a good investment strategy to get more money.


The above story is just one from many stories of people who have the same problem with that man. By sending the article he gave advices for the other people to start invest money before the retirement time. What he said about that is make a sense. At this time he has spirit to do some business but he has not a good ability. That advice is good for people who have not been retired. After retirement we lost some money but our needs are stable or maybe more. To settle that problem we have to get another source of income.

To planning a good retirement, we must do that before retirement time. We have to do it when we are still having a productive condition. Because we have a main job, we can make a home business or invest our money in a good place.